TIL EXPRESS Features Overview

Takeitlive has been working hard to deliver the first flat rate pricing for video production in Southern California. the below packages include son't camera's and mafrotto tripods 

TIL EXP 1 Camera $699

  • 1 Camera capture HD capture
  • Basic graphic capability
  • Delivery of files with 24hrs via .mp4

this setup is for the person wanting basic capture of an event. 

TIL EXP 2 Camera $1199

  • 1 X TIL Staff
  • 1 Static Camera w/100ft cord
  • 1 Moving camera
  • Sound board connection within 100ft of camera location.
  • Video switcher
  • Basic graphics and slates
  • mp4 recording after event
  • Quick turnaround web delivery
  • HD video production

This setup is for someone wanting more production value. Typical setup: 1 wide camera 1 moving shot that is mixed by the camera operator to make smooth transitions between the shots. At the conclusion of the event we deliver the long h.264 capture of the event on a thumbnail if under 2hrs and via web download if over 2hrs.


  • 3 X TIL Staff
  • 1 Static Camera w/150ft cord
  • 2 Moving camera w/150ft cord
  • Video switcher
  • Graphics and slates
  • Video playback during show
  • mp4 recording or ProRes recording - delivered after the event ready for delivery to your editor.
  • Quick turnaround web delivery
  • HD video production

Bump your production up to a full TIL staff.  3 cameras with two camera operator means you are going to have a great looking show with multiple angles and dedicated Technical director that can switch shots run graphics, video clips / commercials and etc.